Department of Economic and Social History

Name of the unit:  Department of Economic and Social History
Head: Prof. dr hab. Jacek Purchla
Telephone:  +48 12/2937527
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Fax:  +48 12/2937510
Main research areas:

History, Urban Studies, Planning & Development, Cultural Studies


Department of Economic and Social History   undertakes diverse interdisciplinary research endeavoursin the framework of the two Chairs: Chair for Economic History and UNESCO Chair for Heritage and Urban Studies

Current and possible fields of academic research undertaken by the department:

Economic and social history
1.Central and Eastern Europe and its economic development;
2. Socio-economic and spatial development of Galicia in the 19th century;
3. Demographic history of Polish lands
4. Small towns in the Early Modern period  
4. Rural history

Central Europe with a special focus on Galicia
1. Galicia and its past;
2. The cultural heritage of Central Europe: past and present;
3. History of architecture in Central and Eastern Europe in the 19th and the 20th century.

Urban studies
1. Development of cities and urban planning in the 19th and the 20th century;
2. Issues and problems of spatial development of Central European metropolises in the 19th-20th century;
3. Contemporary development and spatial planning - dilemmas of Krakow and other Polish metropolises;
4. Theory and practice of urban regeneration.

Cultural economics and heritage studies
1. Cultural heritage – theory and management issues with special focus on Central  and Eastern Europe;
Cultural economics with a special focus on the economics of cultural heritage and museums
3. The role of culture and heritage in contemporary socio-economic development
Theoretical and practical aspects of urban regeneration
5. Cultural policy

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