The Faculty‚Äôs basic and applied research focuses on the determinants of quality, the methods of examination and evaluation of commodities, product health safety, commodity packaging, biodegradation and bio-deterioration of materials, ecological production, product life cycle analysis, quality management, and applied economics. In particular, research activity refers to creation and examination of the quality of light industry products, cosmetics and household goods, electrostatic properties of textile products, microbiological materials distribution and protection methods, factors affecting the quality of selected foods (meat, milk and processed dairy products, honey, processes fruit and vegetable products, breads), purification and disposal of used fats, kinetics of chemical processes and changes to product quality, product packaging and storage, development  implementation and functioning of quality management systems, food safety management and environmental management, metrology in quality systems, ecology of goods, LCA, cleaner production strategies and waste management, economic aspects of technological advancement and inventiveness, macroeconomic impact of modern information technologies on economic growth, human and intellectual capital management policies.

* for research staff of Cracow University of Economics